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Coaching Support

The WellDirections Coaching Support System includes the following components:

Program Status

Participants can be enrolled in multiple programs. A program status page is available for each of these programs. The participant status page shows each required or optional item and the current status of that item. Additionally, coaches can complete components for users after reviewing any documentation requirements necessary.

Program Compliance

Many companies require participants to complete wellness items to receive incentives like reduced benefit premiums. WellDirections provides support for required items and deadlines. During each visit, coaches can discuss compliance status and help the participant plan to reach the compliance goal.


Often it's not enough to insure the participant completes wellness program items. WellDirections supports householding and compliance checking for each member of the household as well as the combined household. These status reports can be used during coaching visits or as input for compliance communications to the participants.

Quality/Consistency Checklists

WellDirections Coaching Dashboard

WellDirections coaching support system allows coaching administrators to define checklists to remind coaches of important steps in the coaching process. Whether is the discussion of HIPAA regulations and releases or the nutrition training you've developed, you can insure that each coach completes and records that activity. Each checklist item can appear once, every visit, or at intervals you define. Coaching quality and consistency are important to the success of your program. Let WellDirections help you insure that success.

Participant Notes

Coaches can record notes about participants that are persisted across visits and coaches. This can be helpful if someone is struggling with a specific aspect of the program or has requested special care in certain areas.

Participant Goals

Coaches can record goals for each participant and monitor the progress towards those goals. Coming Soon: Participants will be able to report progress towards goals through the participant portal.

Clinical Information

WellDirections can allow coaches to record important clinical information, or allow you to view information imported from other systems (like the ScoreHealth WebScore HRA).

Participant Documents

Coaches can view and add participant documents that are available through the participant portal. Imagine allowing your coaches to send specific training or support documents directly to the homepage of the Wellness Program participant.

Compliance and Trending Reports

WellDirections provides reports on group compliance and clinical information trending. Coaches and administrators can view compliance reports (with householding included) and trending information for BMI, Cholesterol, Glucose and Tobacco use rates.

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