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Program and Incentive Tracking

WellDirections Wellness Program Management product includes features for managing the following program areas:

WellDirections Participant Home (fully customizable, by the way)


Give participants a central location for program materials and information. Participants can log in to view their status and next steps as they progress through the program.

Participant Eligibility

Quickly and easily define a set of individuals who are eligible to participate in each program. This feature allows you to run multiple programs of the same type, each customized to the target audience.


The system allows users to enroll in any or all of the programs for which they are eligible. You can even have each enrollment trigger a delivery of a program membership package if you like.

Activity Verification

Perhaps the most difficult part of program management is verifying that participants actually complete the required steps for a reward. WellDirections provides several methods of activity verification, from self-reported verification to coupon codes.

Reward/Incentive Management

If you've run a program with incentives before, you certainly remember the challenge of managing and delivering the rewards in an organized fashion. WellDirections provides a list of incentives to be delivered (as well as a list of ones you have already delivered). Participants can log in to view the status of rewards without calling you to find out if they have been mailed or ordered.

Program Status

Programs generally include steps that may be completed over several months. Tracking the progress of your population across these steps is usually difficult and time-consuming. WellDirections provides a count of the population that has completed each milestone and provides a compelling visual representation of the progress of your participants.

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